Employing digital expertise for the preservation of our water resources

Our beliefs

At Imageau we are convinced that flawless resource management by water stakeholders, coupled with a greater understanding of the issues faced by all, will contribute to its preservation.

In the pursuit of this, water stakeholders need access to accurate and immediate monitoring of their resources. Thus, facilitating the anticipation of risks and subsequent decision-making that inform action strategies. Consequently, data on the state of droughts in France must be freely available to all.

We design and develop digital solutions that employ artificial intelligence (AI) to gain new insights in water resource management.

Imageau has been awarded multiple distinctions for its innovations and has been a subsidiary of the SAUR group since 2017. Therefore, demonstrating the group’s historical commitment to the preservation of water resources and its desire to develop continuously innovative proposals for its clients.

What drives us

  • Putting digital technology and artificial intelligence to work for the preservation of water resources


  • Facilitating the understanding and sharing of issues related to water resources


  • Promoting the adoption of water resource management and operational practices adapted to climate change


  • Reconciling the balance between environmental benefits, profitability and staff development


” The SAUR group relies on a strong digital culture to develop innovative and responsible solutions for the protection and preservation of water resources. “

Patrick Blethon, 
Chairman of Saur

From start-up to Saur subsidiary

Empty Date


Creation of the start-up Imageau in Montpellier, by engineers and researchers of the CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) concerned with the preservation of water resources
Empty Date


Presentation of the Business Awards France KvK at the Startup Award
Empty Date


9th prize in the SME Pilot at the Small Company Awards
Empty Date


The “Coup de Coeur” HYDRO INNOVATION Trophy at Hydrogaïa
Empty Date


1st Prize for innovation from Crédit Agricole bank
Empty Date


Trophy for innovation and economy in the Hérault region at the Septuors ceremony
Empty Date


Imageau becomes a subsidiary of Saur, the France’s 3rd largest water company, offering its solutions in France and abroad
Empty Date


Launch of the EMI solution
Empty Date


Launch of the Info Sécheresse (Drought Info) platform
Empty Date


Imageau moves to Saur's premises in Nîmes, in the South of France
Empty Date


Launch of the prediction module

The values we hold dear


Passionate about preserving the environment, our teams are committed to the success of sustainable water resource management projects.

To guarantee the efficiency and quality of our services, we ensure the scientific rigour of our methodologies and the technical reliability of our services.

We pay close attention to the needs of our clients and collaborators and take our work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.

The climate challenge demands courage. At Imageau, we seek to shake up conventions, putting creativity and agility at the heart of our actions.


Our team 

Olivier Depraz

General Manager

Marjorie Bertrand

Business Engineer and Hydrogeologist

Olivier Bianchi

Sales Engineer

Eléa Borrego

Communication Officer

Laurence Crotty

Administrative and financial manager

Estelle Maunier

Hydrogeologist Engineer

Sebastian Demange

Hydrogeologist Engineer

Denis Neyens

Innovative Project Manager

François-Xavier Eberschweiler

Instrumentation Project Manager

Marion Meigneux

Hydrogeologist Engineer

Rafik Ferraoun

Data scientist

Jean Luchier

Hydrogeologist Engineer

Romain Poilpret

Full Stack Developer

Florian Thabuis

Ingénieur support produit et Hydrogéologue

Hugo Lovighi

Full Stack Developer

Joris Laget

Full Stack Developer

Nolan Rassant

Engineer and Developer

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