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EMI Vigilance : the digital solution dedicated to professionals monitoring water resources for a particular region

It allows you to visualise and analyse data from your observation stations, enhanced with open access government data. This gives you a powerful tool for monitoring, calculating and helping you to make decisions about the water resources in your region.

With EMI Vigilance

Access a complete overview of the drought situation in your region
  • Enhance your observation network with public data: watercourse flows, groundwater levels, rainfall
  • Calculate and display the drought risk in your region
Centralise and visualise data from your observation stations
  • Any observation station producing data of type [date/time; value].
  • The data displayed is pre-validated by the app 
Increased peace of mind by being informed at the right time
    • Set your own alert and vigilance thresholds for all points in your region
    • Send notifications if a risk linked to your resource evolves
    • Automatic generation of personalized drought information bulletins for your region
    Save time
    • Raw data automatically converted into indicators
    • Pre-configured graphs
    • The option to create cross plots on all your data with one click
    • Pre-configured reports that can be edited in Word
    Effortless navigation through an intuitive interface
    • A 24/7 application that can be accessed from any connected device
    • Uses the latest web design innovations
    • Intuitive and ergonomic interface
    • All technical information and procedures available with one click
    Share information easily
    • Automatic storing of your data in the ADES database
    • Give access to your data via a web application
    • Unlimited number of users
    • Easy exchange with any other type of database via a dedicated API

    All your data
    on a single application

    Centralise, visualise and analyse all the data you need for decision-making via an exhaustive monitoring of the water resources in your region. Your environmental database can be created by Imageau or connected to EMI Vigilance if it is already in place.


    Piezometers, Limnimeters, Meteorological stations, River warning stations and any other station producing time-stamped data.

    Climate (precipitation and temperatures), River flow, National low water observatory, groundwater level



    Validation/filters of raw data

    The app detects possible metrology malfunctions and filters out erroneous or missing data.

    Drought orders in real-time

    Instantly visualise the current alert zones in relation to your region and your catchments, or for the whole of France. The update is daily from the government website Propluvia. Local areas concerned, duration of validity, restrictions, history: access the detailed characteristics of each local government drought order.

    Multiple data analysis tools

    Maps, pre-constructed graphs, bar graphs, data export, etc. to facilitate analysis and decision-making.

    Notifications (Web/Email)

    You are automatically alerted of any abnormal situation: sensor failure, change in status of an indicator, malfunctions, etc.

    Documentary management of your observation stations

    EMI Vigilance allows you to centralise your technical documents and to trace your interventions in the field.

    Daily calculation of drought indicators
    The app interprets your raw data and transforms them into decision support indicators, according to calculation rules derived from international standards.
    Drought report

    You are automatically alerted of any abnormal situation: faulty sensor, change of status of an indicator, malfunction, or new drought order in your region.

    Creation and reception

    of automatic reports.

    Example of monitoring

    created for the Syndicat des eaux de la Manche (SDEU 50) in Normandy).


    of the maintenance of your stations.


    of bar graphs of the data from your stations.

    Monitoring of water levels

    in the borehole.


    of well performance.


    monitoring dashboard.



    Hydrogeological support

    Hydrogeological experts from the design team are at your disposal to define your resource monitoring network. They will assist you from the choice of sensors to the creation of your website in the EMI space.



    WHY ?

    To manage your own water resource monitoring network

    FOR WHOM ?

    Water professionals dedicated to monitoring water resources

    HOW MUCH ?

    First year € 1,300 ex-VAT per private station
    Subsequent years € 500 ex-VAT per private station

    Pricing dependant on quantity

    Data Protection

    The data entered on EMI applications remains strictly confidential, secure and hosted on servers in France.

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